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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Monopoly Jail

Monopoly Get out of Jail FreeThe Rules of Jail
There are three ways that you could wind up in Monopoly Jail.
  1. By rolling three doubles in a row
  2. Landing on the Go To Jail space on the Monopoly Board
  3. Drawing a Change or Community Chest card that says Go To Jail
When one of the above three things happens you must go directly to jail, you do not pass Go and you definitely don't collect your $200.

If you land on the actually Jail space on the board (not the Go To Jail space), there's no penalty or fee to pay, you just park your piece in the Just Visiting section of the space and proceed as usual on your next turn.

Now a lot of people think that when you're in jail that you can't collect rent. That's not true. According to the official rules of Monopoly, you can collect rent and buy and sell hotels and houses while in jail.

How To Get Out Of Jail
There are several ways to get out of jail.
  1. Rolling doubles
  2. Using a Get Out of Jail Free card
  3. Paying $50
If none of the above happens before your third roll of the dice, you must pay $50 and proceed the number of spaces on the dice. For example, if your third roll isn't doubles, say it's a 2 and a 1, then you pay $50 and proceed three spaces.

Monopoly Go To JailIf you do roll doubles before your third try, you proceed the amount of spaces shown on the dice but you don't get to roll again as you normally would when rolling doubles.

Jail Tip: Since you are allowed to conduct business while in jail, try buying a Get Out Of Jail Free card from one of your opponents.

Jail Factoid: The Policeman on the Go To Jail space is named Officer Edgar Mallory

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Mouse said...

Hi Anthony! Nice page. A friend and I have spent considerable time programming a Monopoly game for IRC. Writing the engine brings up a lot of subtler points of rules, like this one that I would like to ask you.

Upon rolling doubles on trying to get out of jail (or, indeed, paying to get out and rolling) - Must you move your piece OUT of jail, to JUST VISITING, counting as your FIRST space, and THEN continue onward? Or is your first move direct to St Charles Place?

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