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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Monopoly Here Now

Monopoly Here and Now Edition
The Monopoly Here & Now Edition answers a simple question that serious Monopoly players have probably been asking for a while now. What would Monopoly be like if it was created here and now? The Here and Now Edition is Hasbro's answer to that question.

Monopoly Here and Now EditionSo what's different?
Well, for starters, the properties on the Monopoly Board are no longer limited to Atlantic City, New Jersey. Now you can buy properties from all over the country (USA) including Cleveland's Jacobs Field and New York's Times Square.

The railroads are replaced with airports like LAX and JFK which make sense because really when was the last time people took a train to somewhere other than in their daily commute.

And the tokens have been updated as well. I'm not crazy about this change because it seems very sponsored. Now there's a Toyota Prius, New Balance Shoe, McDonald's French Fries and a Motorola RAZR Mobile Headset. I'm not a big fan of product placement and this seems a little cheesy to me.

And the biggest change in the Monopoly Here and Now Edition is a serious case of inflation. The lowest priced properties on the board go for $600,000. Yikes!

Gameplay remains the same. Trying to bankrupt the other players by purchasing as much property as you can is still the goal and I'm glad they didn't change that.

So if you're looking for a change and getting tired of paying $60 for properties like Baltic Avenue, then you should give Monopoly Here & Now Edition a try.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Monopoly Board

I made this video of The Monopoly Board using Animoto. It was actually pretty easy to do. After I took all the pictures, all I had to do was upload them, choose the music and then I was done. And if the pictures were already on Flickr, I wouldn't even have had to upload them. And see for yourself, Animoto does a great job.

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