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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Monopoly Free Parking

Monopoly Free ParkingRules of Free Parking
Nothing happens when you land on Free Parking. No prizes, no bonuses, no nothing. It’s in the official rules and that’s all there is to it.

Now you might be saying to yourself, huh, I always thought that Free Parking is when you receive all the money that’s been placed at the center of the Monopoly board. Well you’re right too.

One of the most commonly adopted House Rules is to place all taxes and fees in the center of the board to be awarded to the first person that lands on Free Parking. Why, I’ve even seen people put all the money owed to the bank for buying properties, houses and hotels in the center of the board. And that’s fine because, House Rules are House Rules. But if you want to play by the official rules, Free Parking is just a rest space where nothing happens.

House Rules
The problem with this Free Parking House Rule, is that to makes the game take longer to play. How many times have you seen a player, down on his luck, tons of mortgaged properties, nearly bankrupt and then he lands on Free Parking and he’s not only back in the game but he winds up winning. Without that fresh infusion of cash from Free Parking, that player would gone bankrupt and spent the rest of the game getting snacks and drinks for the rest of players. And who doesn’t like to have a snack while playing Monopoly?

So if you enjoy a marathon session of Monopoly, then by all means, use a Free Parking House Rule. But the official rules, which were created to speed up the game, state that nothing happens on Free Parking.

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